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MickeySash is a Family Business, bringing expertise in Dog Nutrition Dog Behaviour and Enrichment, our priority is to provide our customers with High-Quality dog treats and food, alongside top customer service to ensure you and your pets will have a great experience choosing us as your trusted Natural Dog Treat shop. 

We provide Natural and Nutritious treats and chews free from rawhide , grains, cereals, sugars, derivatives, and flavourings. We promote supplementing naturally sourced nutrients from food and treats as the alternative to what you find in a bottle. We offer a great selection of treats that are not only high in protein and low in fat, they contribute to better digestion, lowered risk of diseases and strong immunity - leading to good overall physical and mental health, whilst providing great enrichment and mental stimulation for your pets.
Our business was born from our passion for all things for dogs and natural food.

We believe dogs deserve the same top quality food as we do.