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All The Ears two dogs

All The Ears two dogs

Box contains the following Natural

and Nutritious Treatos

2x Hairy Cows Ears- They are a healthy alternative to pig's ears that are low in fat. Hairy Cow's Ears also aid as a natural de-wormer whilst being low in odour and non-greasy.

2x Large Buffalo Ears -Tempting buffalo ears are rich in flavour. Longer lasting dog chew. More chewing fun than traditional pig ears.

High in protein and low in fat.

2x Boar Ears-Naturally chewy and completely delicious, our Pigs Ears are a very popular product. Made from 100%, dehydrated Grade A Pig Ear, with no artificial chemicals or preservatives, they give a delicious taste and satisfying chew that all dogs are sure to love!


4x Rabbit Ears -Rabbit ears with fur are a great all rounder for keeping all dogs happy and healthy!

Fur can help as a natural wormer and helps support healthy teeth and gums.

Rabbit ears can provide your dog with some pawsome health benefits, such as improved digestion, a good source of protein, helping to improve dental health and decreasing anxiety through enrichment chewing activities. They are rich in protein and have been carefully dried to retain all the nutrients and great, natural taste. These delicious 100% pure rabbit ears and are a great way to keep your dog entertained with a naturally chewy treat.

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