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Hairy Goat Foot

Hairy Goat Foot

100% Natural Goat Feet, with no artificial colourings, flavourings, Additives or preservatives. The hair aids as a natural dewormer.

Naturally rich in chondroitin, these are a great choice for dogs with joint pain or stiffness.


Contains only 100% Goat

Naturally Rich in Chondroitin

Naturally Air Dried

All natural nothing added

Gluten Free & Hypoallergenic

Feeding Guide

Supervise your pet when feeding a treat or chew. Ensure fresh drinking water is always available.

Any treat containing bone carries a risk of splintering, feed under supervision.

Photo for illustration purposes only, product may vary in size, shape, colour and texture due to it been a natural product.

Composition 100% Goat

Analytical ConstituentsProtein 57.7%, Fat 29.3%, Ash 3.1%

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