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Herbal Dog Co - Super Food Topper

Herbal Dog Co - Super Food Topper

This unique blend of raw food extracts is carefully formulated & can be used as part of a balanced diet. Why not try the UK’s #1 all natural Dog Superfood Blend supplement today?

Herbal Dog Co’s Superfood Blend contains chia, hemp & flax seeds & is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids for cardio health support. Hemp seeds also have high levels of calcium and magnesium. Quinoa is added for vitamin E & lysine & broccoli powder is included as a source of B vitamins & folic acid. Amaranth has natural supporting properties & finally, the addition of pre & probiotics supports gut health.

  • Ingredients

    Seaweed, Chia, Hemp, Quinoa, Flaxseeds, Amaranth, Broccoli Powder, Pre & Pro Biotic.

    • No Palm Oil • No Chemicals • No Nasty Stuff •

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