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No Hide Peanut Butter Small

No Hide Peanut Butter Small

Earth Animal No Hide Peanut Butter Dog Chews offer a healthy, hand-rolled, sumptuous alternative to rawhide. These all-natural chews are made with 6 simple ingredients: brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, pineapple, and vegetable gelatine - with the delicious addition of 1 flavourful protein! In this instance, it's natural roasted peanuts.


These chews are free from bleach, synthetics, and preservatives; so you can be confident your dog is getting the very best quality. They are suitable for dogs and puppies from 6 months old. Highly digestible and long-lasting, each chew has been expertly hand-rolled, uniquely cooked, and dried to increase both palatability and nutrition. In addition to this, the chews promote healthy teeth and gums.


If your dog or pup weighs under 6.8kg, you should give them Earth Animal No Hide Dog Stix; these are an alternative to Earth Animal No Hide Dog Chews.

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