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Ostrich Bone Bundle

Ostrich Bone Bundle

Our Ostrich Bone Bundle includes

1 x Natural Ostrich bone, these are delicious, nutritional and suitable for most breeds. They are lightweight non-splintering bones that are irresistible to dogs.

Large enough for days of gnawtastic fun. Great natural taste and the ideal treat to keep your dog’s mind stimulated and teeth clean. A novel alternative protein, non-splintering and they even float, so, if your dog loves fetch games involving water then this is the treat to choose.

1 x Tibia Ostrich Bone, Slowly air dried 100% Ostrich Bone which is naturally high in protein but low in fat.


High in Protein

100% Natural

Grain & Gluten Free

Low in Fat

Natural Dental Chew

1 x Metatarsal Bone, 100% air dried Ostrich bone. Ostrich bones differ to other bones as they have an internal honeycomb structure, making them light enough to float on water. Long lasting dog chew.

high in protein, low in fat, long lasting dog chew, hypoallergenic, grain & gluten free.


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