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Paw Slo Feeder + LickMatt

Paw Slo Feeder + LickMatt

This ingenious 2-in-1 slow feeder dog bowl and removable lick pad is perfect for every day use, to make meal times fun, interactive and stimulating whilst also slowing down dogs whole gobble up their food at the speed of light.

Eating too fast can be unhealthy for dogs which can cause digesting issues, but a super tricky eating game may annoy them too! We believe a fun slow feeding game is better than simply “make it difficult to eat”.

The PDH PAW Slow Feeder provides a large feeding area with various surface shapes, imitating the hunting behaviour to make sure dogs always have a fun, slow-eating meal in a natural way.


-Designed to slow down the consumption of food and treats to help prevent bloating

-Licking helps reduce anxiety of dogs and releases endorphins giving a feeling of comfort

-Why not spread your pets favourite treat over the mat, freeze it and help them chill out in the heat!

-Made from food grade materials, BPA-FREE, PVC-FREE, Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack)

Made with FDA compliance food grade plastic, it is freezer friendly and dishwasher safe, suitable for both dry and wet food. licking keeps the pet calm and entertained. It can also stimulate saliva production to improve digestive health.

The slow feeder option with the lick pad is perfect for keeping your Dog entertained during bath or shower time by sticking the mat to the side of the tub! - Choose option with Lick Pad above.

    £14.99 Regular Price
    £12.49Sale Price
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