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Sasha's Birthday Bargain Box

Sasha's Birthday Bargain Box

As our chief treat taster , Sasha Bear knows very well which treatso are the most tasty treatos! For her Birthday she has put together a pawsome box for you! Grab a bargain, 23 tasty treatos worth over £20 for just £17.49



- 2 x Large Buffalo Ears

- 1 x Buffalo Chin

- 1 x Pigs in Blanket

- 4 x Hairy Rabbit Ears

- 1 x Stuffed Cow Hoof

- 4 x Meat Sticks

- 3 x Venison Sausage

- 3 x Smoked Chicken Sausages

- 2 x Chicken and Turmeric Sausages

- 2 x Beef Liver Sausages

- 2 x Large Black Pudding Sausages


If you have a small dog we can swap out the large easier for more smaller ones!


Suitable for puppies 16 weeks+

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