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Turkey Neck

Turkey Neck

1 x Air dried Turkey Neck. Perfect for dogs with allergies or sensitivity’s. Turkey necks are large treats and suitable for great treat for dogs except small dogs. Our Turkey Necks are air-dried to lock in all the goodness and flavour. The air drying process ensures that the bones found in our Turkey Necks crumble rather than splinter making these natural dog chews safe for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Our natural treats for dogs are a great choice for allergy sufferers because they are 100% duck neck with nothing added or taken away. Turkey Necks help keep your dog’s teeth in good condition too. Our Turkey Necks provide a natural source of amino acids, trace minerals and essential fatty acids.

Our Turkey Necks are a totally natural dog chew which means they do vary in size with the average treat being anything from 8-10 inches long.

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