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Wellness Core Lamb

Wellness Core Lamb

We pack in tasty, high-quality animal proteins and leave out grains and fillers, helping to promote optimal health, weight and longevity.

Using only fresh, real and wholefood ingredients, Wellness Core natural pet food delivers essential nutrition in a minimally processed form.

A unique complete and balanced meal: tasty pate with 95% meat from one single source, combined with chunks of healthy veggies, enriched with vitamins and minerals.

Perfect for sensitive dogs.

Suitable for adult dogs

  • Ingredients

    Composition: 95% Beef (66% (Hearts, Meat, Liver, Lungs), 29% Beef Broth), 4% Broccoli, 1% Minerals.

    Feeding Guide: Fed Alone: Small Dog (1kg - 9 kg): 80g - 400g, 1/5 - 1 can; Medium Dog (10kg - 32kg): 430g - 1060g, 1- 2 2/3 cans; Large Dog (33kg - 50kg): 1070g - 1500g, 2 2/3 - 3 3/4 cans. Fed with Wellness Core dry: reduce dry by 35g for every can.

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