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YowUp Calcium & Prebiotics

YowUp Calcium & Prebiotics

With vet certified prebiotics. It helps your digestion and reduces bad odors.


You can use it in a light breakfast, as a food topper, a dessert or as a snack. 


The creaminess helps the palatability of the yogurt (improves its flavour), provides 88% humidity and fits fantastically with the hydration needs of our dogs. Sugar and sweeteners can be harmful to furry dogs, those of natural origin such as honey or stevia.


For this reason, it does not use sugar, sweeteners or sweeteners of any kind, neither natural nor artificial.



Lactose is a sugar found -naturally- in milk (just like fructose in fruit or honey). Our products do not contain lactose either. 0% fat, because we do not want to incorporate more calories than our furry ones have in their daily menu. It feels good and doesn't make you fat at all.

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